Browsing the Periodicals Portal

Periodicals offers a door, or "portal," through which to access hundreds of journals and Clinics published through Elsevier Health Sciences and related products developed from collections of this material (e.g., OphSource or CardioSource).


From within your subscribed journal or Clinic online, you may search across all portal content (other journals or Clinics, as well as MEDLINE) and browse automatic search links and article reference links to other journal and Clinic sites. If you prefer, you may leave the specific site to browse information by navigating the portal itself.


Click Find a Periodical or Find a Portal at the lower left-hand side of any screen to browse the portal from a central location.

Getting Around

Within the Periodicals portal pages, click any hyperlinked text or button graphic to access content. Use the local menu, to the left of the content area, to access and browse through sections of portal information.


Search within the portal to quickly target the information you're looking for. More about searching all content...


Return to the portal home page at any time by clicking FIND A PERIODICAL.


Review the content available through this portal.