Understanding the Screen Layout

The Elsevier Health Sciences Periodicals portal delivers the latest journals and Clinics in a format that is easy to browse, search, and personalize.


Take a few moments to become familiar with the main areas of the screen and enhance your online reading experience.

Content Area

Located in the middle of the screen, the content area is where you'll search and browse material from journals or Clinics or view your personalization features. The display in this area changes as you navigate through a site and is often accompanied by updates to local navigation on the right or left sides of the screen.

Local Menus

Local menus are located to the left of the content area. Each section of the site has its own localized menu, which you should consult for shortcuts to key features and information. The local menu of each journal or Clinic provides links to main sections of published content (e.g., Home Page, Current Issue, All Issues, Search). Portals feature local menus that link to broader sections of information, across particular specialty areas (e.g., OphSource) or content types (e.g., Periodicals).  

Article Menus

Article menus appear to the upper right of the content area when you access an article. These menus provide quick links between available article formats (abstract, full text, or PDF), to supporting materials (images, videos, or audio), and to additional articles through automatic searches (cited by, Related Articles) or e-mailed Citation alerts.

Search Area

The search area is located in the top right corner of the screen. Search is the key feature that allows you to quickly and easily target information on the site. (Learn more about Search now.)

Login Area

The login area is located in the top right corner of the screen. This is the area through which you will register and login to the site, as well as logout. Once you have logged in, your personal greeting appears in the login area.

Registration Area

The registration area appears only if you have not yet registered and logged into the site. (Why should you register?) To claim access to entitlements through journals or Clinics and to personalize your account (e.g., with e-mail alerts and saved searches), you must register.

Activate Access Area

Activate access links are featured prominently on the home page of each journal or Clinic. Typically, Activate Subscription or Claim Access links appear near the current issue Table of Contents, and Activate Online Access links appear in the Access section.

Personalization Area

You may set preferences to personalize your online account, such as saving searches (My Saved Searches) and requesting automatic e-mail alerts when new site content becomes available (My Alerts).  Access these personalization features through the links in the top right corner of the screen. Note that these options appear only after you have registered and logged in to the site.

Periodicals Area

More Periodicals links, in the lower left-hand corner of each journal or Clinic screen, provide access to main pages for the Elsevier Health Science's Periodicals portal. Through the portal pages, you may browse journal or Clinic titles alphabetically, by specialty, or by type; explore other Elsevier portals and clusters; or examine the complete catalog of Elsevier products.